Adjustable Axle Plate Position

Capella gives the facility to Adjust Axle plate position. You can set axle plates according to the requirements. It is a very simple task and you can adjust your wheelchair at any time. For more information you can contact with our dealers.

Locking Flip Up Anti Tippers

Locking flip up provide protection and it is the best feature of Capella. Capella uses anti tippers with locks. It is easily detachable. Anti tipper makes sure that Capella Wheelchair cannot go back beyond the fix angle. It protects the user of the wheelchair.

Adjustable Front Fork Angle

Adjustable front fork angle which ensures that the casters are always perpendicular to the floor. There are different type of caster height-to floor options available. Select the right height according to the requirements. Two important thing when you choose the caster and that is, height and caster Angle. When a wheelchair's front suspension is aligned, caster is adjusted to achieve the self-centering action of steering, which affects the wheelchair's straight-line stability. Improper caster settings will cause the driver to move wheel both into and out of each turn, making it difficult to maintain a straight line.

Pin Release Arm

You can set the height of the arm with this feature of Capella Wheelchair. Pin release arm allows easy height adjustment of T-arm. Capella has some standard height options. You can set your arm according to your body height.

Chair Adjustable Width

If you use a Capella Wheelchair but after some time you want to give it to another person who happen to have more mass then this feature will help you adjust the width of the wheelchair. Capella wheelchair width is adjustable from 16”-20” or 20”-24”.

Axle Plate

Capella Wheelchair Axle plate allows many different seat to floor heights and center of gravity adjustments. You can also use Quick release axle with Capella Wheelchair. Capella Axle Plate allow for you to adjust the wheelchair seat height. You can set your Wheelchair height according to the requirements.

Push Pull Wheel Lock

Capella Wheelchair wheel lock with handle is available in both push or pull to lock options. Brake extension attached to handle and it stops the Wheelchair immediately. Capella wheel lock is a standard option.

Adjustable Back

Capella adjustable back compact incredible design on the fold down stroller handle. It also enables the handles to be folded down tight against the back canes so the chair can be transported in tight spaces much easier. This ensure that the caretaker always feel comfortable positioning hands, no matter what the angle of tilt is on the wheelchair.

Dual Swinging Front Riggings

Capella Wheelchair uses dual swinging front riggings can swing either in or out for removal. You can simply set the front riggings or remove the front riggings. Capella Wheelchair provides front riggings adjustments.
Technical Specification  
Product TypeTilt, Tilt in Space
Model Number109
MSRP$2,800 USD
Funding InformationFDA Approved
Wheelchair Weight40 lbs.
Frame MaterialAluminum
User Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions40" X 28" X 31"
Frame and Feature Measurements  
Seat Width Range16" to 24"
Seat Depth Range15" to 20"
Overall Seat WidthsChair Width + 10.5"
Front Seat-to-Floor Height11.75" to 19"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height12.75" to 18"
Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range-7°, 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°
Tilt Range20°, 45°
Recline Range21°
Options & Accessories  
Frame TypeStandard
Tilt Release OptionsHand Release
 Foot Release
Caster Wheels4",5",6",7", 8" Polyurethane
Legrests60°,70°,90° Swingaway
 60°,70°,80°, 90°, Dual Swingaway Legrest
 Elevating Legrest
Footplate OptionsComposite Flip-up
 Composite Angle Adjustable
 Aluminum Flip-up
 Aluminum Angle adjustable
 One Piece Aluminum Footboard
ArmrestsT-Style Adjustable Height Knob Release
 Full Length Adjustable Height Pin Release T-Style
 T-Style Fixed Height
 Flip Back Adjustable Height
 Flip Back Fixed Height
Arm PadsContour Gel 17"
 Contour Gel Wide 17"
 Desk Length Vinyl 10"
 Full Length Vinyl 14"
Wheel LocksPush-to-Lock
 Foot Lock
AxleFixed Bolt
 Quick Release
Rear Wheel Type12", 16", 20", 22", 24", Mag Wheel
HandrimsChrome Steel
 Vinyle Coated
Back Post OptionsFixed Push Cane
 Fold Down
 Stroller Bar
Back UpholsteryPrism Backs
SeatingSolid Seat Pan
 Adjustable Seat Pan
 Prism Seating
Anti-TipsFlip-up Anti Tipper
Positioning BeltsAuto-Seat Positioning Straps
 Velcro Release Positioning Strap
Lap TrayPadded Lap Tray
 Clear Lap Tray
Power Chair Accessories / Options  

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